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Searching for laptop repair near me? We have 5+ years of experience in computer service industry. Hence, we understand customer need better and make sure you get instant support when you are in need. We've experience in chip-level motherboard repairing, Computer diagnosis, Desktop PC service and Laptop repair.

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We repair all types of Laptop, Desktop Including Dell-Laptop, HP-Laptop, Toshiba-Laptop, Samsung-Laptop, Sony-Laptop, Lenovo-Laptop, ASUS-Laptop. Instant Support In 95 Min.

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We do not install pirated, cracked version or activate software’s including Windows, Tally, Adobe, Auto CAD etc. If your request is related to software installation or licence then kindly get in touch with respected company authorized resellers team. We are third party independent computer repair service provider and have no relationship with any of the brands. Brands name are for representation purpose only. All rights reserved (Trademarks, Copyrights) by respected brand owners. Also, We do not repair under warranty products. Why we mentioned the brands name? We do sell Laptop / Pre-assembled computers, original accessories of brands including charger, battery, motherboard, keyboard, body panel, hard disk, screens etc.

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Laptop Repair in Sinhagad road. Desktop Computer Repairing Service At Doorstep - Trusted Shop Over 1500+ Customers.

We Repair all types of Laptop, Desktop on urgent basis Including Dell Laptop, HP Laptop, Toshiba Laptop, Samsung Laptop, Sony Laptop, Lenovo Laptop, ASUS Laptop. Our services includes following major problems resolved in this areas: Laptop Dusting and Cleaning Services in Sinhagad road Pune, Keyboard Installation for Laptop in Sinhagad road Pune, Anti-Virus Installation Services, Slow Performance Issue, Laptop not turning on, Laptop Overheat issue, Laptop Damaged Hard Disk Recovery, Laptop AC Adapter Power Jack (Motherboard Side), Laptop Screen Replacement in Sinhagad road, Laptop Hang Slow Processing, Laptop No Sound, Laptop Touch Pad Repair, Laptop Repair Shop In Sinhagad road Pune, Laptop Repair In Sinhagad road.

Worried about Pricing? Check our Price List or Need customized pricing or Looking for offers? Call Now: 9922650680. It's no matter for us whether you have problem with laptop screen, motherboard, hinge or battery, we repair and replace all parts of laptop and desktop doorstep.

Laptop Screen Repair / Replacement Service at Doorstep in Sinhagad road. All Laptop Battery Available, Dell Laptop Repairing Service in Sinhagad road Pune. Our Laptop Repair Shop is located in Sinhagad road, Manik Baug.

Sinhagad road is an area in the city of Pune, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Sinhagad road has experienced rapid growth and development in commercial and residential real estate. Our laptop service center is located in Sinhagad Road Pune. We have been rated Best Laptop Service and Repair in Sinhagad road - 411051, Pune by our customers. We serve all across the Sinhagad road with our laptop service and repair. You can either visit our laptop repair shop or get your laptop repairing done onsite at your home or office. We provide home laptop repair service for our customers including solutions Virus removal service, laptop screen repair / replacement, antivirus installation, software upgrades, hard drive repair, hinges Replacement, blue screen laptop screen death repair, BIOS errors, motherboard repair, dead laptop and more issues.

Doorstep Laptop and Computer Repair Service in Sinhagad road - Just in 95 min

We are the best Computer Repair Service provided when you looking for service at Home in Sinhagad road, Pune. You will be attended doorstep within 95 minutes. All our technical team is background-Verified, Experienced and at-least having 4+ years industry experience. Post-Service Guarantee with a Damage protection and Refund if issue repeat within warranty period. We incorporated up-to-date technology to improve your experience in device repairing with us. We offer real-time request status update and email notification to keep you updated with every stage during repairing of your device. Laptops and computers are an important part of our life used for work, study as well as entertainment, learning and professional use with business requirement. And any problem in the laptop can turn into an instant nightmare. When facing an issue which you can't fix by yourself, you must seek help from professional technicians. Our trusted centre offers laptop repair and services across Sinhagad road Pune where our technician can fix issue with precision. Whether a hardware or software issue, our laptop repair service centre have the right solution and take care that your device needs. Our team of computer technicians are experienced in laptop repair and will provide you best service with assured satisfaction guaranteed.

If you have a question like cheap same day laptop repair near me or computer repair shops near me open now in Sinhagad road then Our home / onsite service help you to stay at location and get repairing done in front of without going to laptop services centre. Our home Desktop service in Sinhagad road is very affordable as low as Just Rs. 149 for a visit charges. We provide home repair services for following major brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, HCL, Apple, Sony, Acer, HCL and many more popular brands in india.

We also serve nearby areas of Sinhagad road including areas Anand Nagar, Wadgaon Budruk (Vadgaon Budruk), Manik Baugh, Panmala, Dhayari, Dattawadi, Mohite Township, Davale wadi, Nanded City, Tanaji Malusare Path, Khadakwasla, Rajaram Bridge, Nal Stop Junction, Mumbai – Banglore Highway, Sahakarnagar, Parvati, P. L. Deshpande Garden, Girinagar, Karne nagar, Abhiruchi Mall. We also have extensive experience in Computer Repair.

Top Repairing Searches for Popular Laptop Brands that we had repaired and serviced.

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  • LG Laptop Repair Service in Sinhagad road
  • Compaq Laptop Repair Service in Sinhagad road
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  • Wipro Laptop Repair Service in Sinhagad road
  • Fujitsu Laptop Repair Service in Sinhagad road
  • iBall Laptop Repair Service in Sinhagad road
  • Micromax Laptop Repair Service in Sinhagad road

Best Laptop Repair Service Shop You can Trust in Sinhagad Road - 1500+ Requests Served

Recall2pc provides on-site computer/ Desktop / PC and All-in-One and laptop repair services in Sinhagad Road, Pune. We are specialised in providing doorstep computer services and laptop repair. We offer home and in Office or at Business premises Laptop Repair & Services. We own a superior piece of technology like a laptop adds to the convenience and ease of carrying it wherever we are, be it your home or office or when we travel. There are numerous models and variants of laptops available under a vast range of domestic and international brands. Our service centres have state-of-the-art test and repair equipment’s to ascertain the root cause of the problem. A problem or fault in a laptop may also arise either due to software issues or hardware issues. We handle all types of Common laptop Desktop issues that require help from professionals same you can get the assistance from our Sinhagad Road service center.

Most Common Reported Issues and Repaired by us

Some of the common software problems a laptop may face such as malware infection, driver problems, RAM issue and booting issues. Our service centre technicians also remove viruses using a virus remover. From virus removal to screen repair, a repair centre caters to a wide range of services. You can now chat with us and get multiple quotes in instantly and you can negotiate with us under our price match policy.

laptop repair

1. Laptop not turning on - Some reasons for this issue can be a faulty AC adapter (Charger), a damaged DC jack or battery, a motherboard issue. Whatever be the reason, it's always wise to get it inspected from an expert.

2. Blank screen / No Display - You may come across a situation wherein you can hear the cooling fans working but the screen of your laptop is completely blank and black or no display. The reason for this could be a memory module failure. There are also chances that the motherboard or processor may have failed or screen has issue along with the display cable.

3. Laptop turning on and off on its own / suddenly shutdown after turning on - If the device switches on and off on its own, there is a possibility of a motherboard failure. A replacement or repair may be necessary. Sometime this issue cause because of the heating issue. Internal clean-up – service usually resolve this issue.

4. Laptop Hinge Broken / Replacement - If your laptop hinge has been broken / damaged then same can be replaced without 1 working day from us. Our professional team will fix your hinges related issue with cost effective way. We offer minimum 15 days of warranty assistance. We also fabricate / fix broken laptop body and panel / base or back panel with frame.

5. Slowdown or loading failure - If, while working on your PC / laptop, you notice a difference in the speed or get an error message when you try loading a program, there is a possibility of virus or malware attacks. Your laptop may also slow down if there is insufficient memory space. In this case you need to upgrade your device to next available resource or looking for troubleshooting to get rid of slow performance issue.

6. OS (Operating System) Crash - Although, at times, laptop restarting may help but if you are encountering the infamous blue screen of death, then the issue is as major as the operating system has crashed. Sometime improper shutdown or abruptly power failure causes this issue.

7. Unwanted noise / 3 beep sound / 8 beep sound - If your laptop keeps making that beep sound, the cooling fan or the RAM / hard drive may be responsible for it. In this case proper consultation is required from technical / repairman.

8. Unusual behaviour / Unwanted POP-Up - If certain programs are behaving abnormally, then there is a chance of a virus attack which needs immediate attention from our professional technical team. Unwanted POP-ups which forcing to install browser extension or software. The expert may have to clean the system.

9. Device Compatibility issues - Sometimes, old laptops may face compfatibility issues when you try to add new applications or play newer versions of games or upgrade your existing programs. If you try with installations new hardware or trying to connect mobile device.

10. WiFi Setup / Internet connectivity / Frequently Disconnect - This is another issue faced by many laptop / PC users who have to carry their device to different locations making the system prone to spyware, malware and virus attacks and frequent disconnection of Wi-Fi internet connectivity. We help to resolved any issue related to wifi connectivity.

11. Laptop freezes / Hangs - If your laptop shuts downs without any warning and you hear the fan louder than usual and also the bottom of the device hotter than normal, you may have to clean the dust that has accumulated.

Sometimes, device may malfunction or stop working due to some issues. We provide repairs or replacements for common hardware problems that include hinge repair, laptop screen repair, motherboard repair, keyboard repair, no display, non-functional CD/DVD drives or overheating problems. A problem or fault in a laptop may also arise either due to software issues or hardware issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does water damaged laptop can be repaired?

Yes, water damaged laptop can be repaired. It is depends on how much the motherboard has been impacted and it is repairable or not.

Does laptop charger main inlet is repairable?

No, it is not repairable. It is required to replace either charger or cable by opening the charger / adapter.

How to repair SMPS?

SMPS can be replaceable and it is much affordable than repairing to it. But, yes it is repairable until certain parts.

How much is cost of laptop back panel & frame?

Back panel & frame cost depends on laptop model however, cost remains between Rs.1600 - Rs.2600 with installation.

How much is the cost of motherboard replacement?

Motherboard replacement is depends on laptop model type with Graphic and Non-graphic. Laptop motherboard cost Rs.6500 - Rs.12000 and Desktop motherboard Rs.1800 - Rs.4600.

Some of the common software problems a laptop may face such as malware infection, driver problems, RAM issue and booting issues. Ordinarily, service providers cater to the laptop repair and maintenance of individuals as well as corporates.

Top Laptop / Desktop Reported Issues and Solutions Provided by Us:

  • Laptop Hinge Repair and Replacement Near Me
  • Macbook Repair Service Near Me
  • Hard Disk / SSD Replacement Near Me
  • Computer Hardware Repair and Upgrade Near Me
  • Fix System crash, BIOS repair Near Me
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair Near Me
  • Laptop Water Damaged Near Me
  • Laptop Fabrication / Panel Change Near Me
  • Critical Software Updates and Fixes Near Me
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Service Near Me
  • Graphics Card Conversion or Replacement Near Me
  • Laptop Display Cable Issue Near Me
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement Near Me
  • Virus Removal Service Sinhagad road Near Me
  • Laptop Slow and Wi-Fi Setup Near Me
  • No Sound / RAM Upgrade / replacement Near Me
  • Laptop Dusting and Cleaning Near Me
  • Laptop Touchpad / Battery Replacement Near Me
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